We have made available a number of our internal frameworks under a very permissive open source license (BSD 3-clause). Currently the following repositories are available:

XPF - Cross Platform Frameworks

XPF is the published portion of our Cross Platform Frameworks, a list of software components that allows us to write software that works across multiple platforms. The following components have been open sourced:
  • Base - provides a number of core services, namely: the core object system, object serialization, various object containers, thread/synchronization related services and miscellaneous cross platform services.
  • DbKit - provides an interface into the SQLite database. Implements persistent transactions as documented here.
  • NetKit - cross platform implementation of an HTTP client library.
  • SensorKit - cross platform implementation of a sensor library. Currently includes GPS and AIS sensors.
  • Units - a unit conversion library.
  • XmlKit - a cross platform XML library (based on expat).

There are additional closed source software components that are available under a commercial license:
  • CelNav: a framework for doing celestial navigation. It supports almanac computations and sight reductions. Our application Celestial (for iOS and Android) is based on this framework.
  • GeoKit/GeoApp: frameworks for writing geo applications. Our applications Charts&Tides (for iOS and Mac) and Aero Charts are based on these frameworks.
  • TideKit: a framework for doing tidal computations. This framework is used in our application Charts&Tides (for iOS and Mac).


DarwinKit contains a collection of useful software components for use during iOS and Mac development. For example, it contains our implementation of a dark UI for the Mac, a number of widgets useful for iOS development, etc.

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